Kitchen Design Service

We think that getting a new kitchen should be as ‘hassle free’ as possible.  So to save you all the time and effort visiting loads of expensive showrooms, we come to you free of charge and discuss your requirements at a convenient time in your own home.  Click to book your design visit.

Because your new kitchen is a sizeable investment in your home and will have a big impact on you and your family’s lifestyle, the design and product selection process we follow typically involves your designer meeting with you two or three times to discuss, design and price your kitchen.

The design brief

During our initial meeting which will typically last about 90 or so minutes the designer will have a chat about what you are looking to achieve, the colours and style you are considering, your budget, time-scales, and take a set of measurements of the area to be planned.  At the end of the visit you will be left with some kitchen and appliance brochures for you to do some further reading.

With this information your designer over the next couple of days will start to develop some design layouts and ideas in our ArtiCAD 3D kitchen design software to discuss with you at a second meeting.

Colours, textures, materials, lighting and much more all contribute to your grand design…

Design presentation and refinement

At the second visit, your designer will run through the ideas developed and use our 3D design software to show you what your new kitchen would look like.  They will also show you samples of the kitchen cabinet, doors, worktop, flooring and so on.  At this point in the process we will be able to give you outline cost figures for the various elements of the design and start tailoring the design and your selections to your budget.  This second meeting can typically take up to two hours.  At the end the designer will leave you with some door, worktop and flooring samples to ‘live with’ for a few days.

Over the next few days while you and the family live with the samples to see how they look in the changing light of the day and evening, the design will be updated and priced.

Dependent of the size of the project, if any building works are involved and the results of the design presentation meeting will determine how the process moves forward and if extra meetings are required – when designing your kitchen it’s important to get the detail right for you and your budget.

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The finished design and price

At the end of the design process we will meet to confirm the detail of the final design and to discuss the pricing and timing of the kitchen installation.

Our project pricing is split into 3 areas – Schedule 1: Cabinetry and all items to complete the carpentry aspects, Schedule 2: Appliances & All Other Items (such as worktops, flooring, lighting) and Schedule 3: Installation.  Each section comprehensively details the pricing and items included, so it’s easy see where you are spending your money and to make sure you are getting maximum return for your investment.

The final step is to proceed with your kitchen!  We take payment in 3 stages through the project.  The first is to cover the cabinetry order with our supplier, the second is just before commencement of works and covers the appliances and all other items to be supplied along with some of the installation works.  The final payment is taken when all the works are complete and you are happy with your new kitchen and ready to show it off to family and friends.

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