Probably the best looking hob in the world…

Cooking is at the heart of every kitchen, and now Caple have created a hob that makes you say “Wow”.

The wow comes from it’s smooth simplicity – each of the four black glass induction zones and control panel are set flush into the worktop so that the worksurface and hob become one integrated cooking area.

The location of the 4 zones is set during the design process, and can take account of factors such as the shape of the worktop, your needs and cooking style. In the picture below, the zones cover about 1.2 meters of worktop.  This has allowed the rear zones to come forward so that the cook can easily see how each pan is performing.  It also means that 2 people can cook together without getting in each others way.

Caple 950i lifestyle
Caple C950i Frameless Induction Hob

Features to match the style

Caple 950i control panel

Caple 950i control panel

Controlling the hob is easy – it features an innovative touch control slider to select one of 11 power levels which include booster and keep warm functions.  It’s also possible to set cooking timer for each zone – useful if your busy elsewhere in the kitchen, and to pause cooking if the phone rings.  And because life happens, all the standard safety features are included – residual heat indicators, child lock, pan size detection, overheat and overflow protection.

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